Are you being charged Blended Rates?

If a Professional Employer Organization is charging you blended or all-encompassing rates, it is virtually impossible for you to determine the actual cost of insurance, payroll, tax filings, sales commissions, etc.

There are usually tremendous savings when unbundling a PEO’s blended rates and competitively shopping for each back office function individually.

In most cases, a group of vendors MANAGED by Workforce Logistix with transparent, individual rates is cheaper than one blended rate that attempts to cover every function of your business including services you may not even need.

Our network of vendors are experts who specialize in each of your company’s specific needs. Some PEO’s so-called “experts” are not properly trained on all aspects of your business and are not focused on reducing your expense and liability.

You can also realize cost savings when unbundling rates and paying for only the services that your company requires.

By eliminating expensive, unnecessary, and unused services clouded in blended rates, you will streamline your back office expenses.  At Workforce Logistix we believe you should know and approve of the cost of everything you buy, including your back office services.