Should you be using a PEO?

How can you know when it is in your best interest to use a Professional Employer Organization?  At Workforce Logistix we believe the following circumstances qualify a company as a good match for a PEO.

  • Start-up companies – in some cases PEO’s do not require a down payment for insurance, can provide cash flow governance, and offer some basic back office support for companies that do not have the expertise to navigate labor laws.
  •  If your company has a high Experience Modifier, which usually stems from poor safety practices.
  • If your company has excessive SUTA claims, which is usually the result of poor hiring practices.
  • If your company requires a Group Healthcare plan for several employees with major health issues, and may have a hard time finding coverage elsewhere.

We have relationships with a few certified PEO’s, but only recommend the Co-Employment model when it is right for the client. If you need MOD and/or SUTA assistance you may be a good candidate for a stable and certified PEO.